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Business Development is based on a sound organization aiming to withstand competitors never stops business development but engages in it as an ongoing process.

Successful business development often requires a multi-disciplinary approach beyond just "a sale to a customer". Some consultants frequently recommend a detailed strategy for growing a business in desirable ways, which may involve financial, legal and advertising skills. Business-development practitioners can help find unforeseen challenges that may help sustain growth.

Business-development roles may have one of two modes:

  1. Sales-oriented (client-facing); or
  2. An operational function to support sales.
In a sales role, business development could concentrate on developing strategic-channel relationships or on general sales. This emerges from analysis of the varied job descriptions found in job-search engines. In the US, the term "capture management"  describing business development as an operational function to support the selling function of a company.

Most technology-related industries use the term "business development" which refers to setting up and managing strategic relationships and alliances with other, third-party companies. In these instances the companies may leverage each others' expertise, technologies or other intellectual property to expand their capacities for identifying, researching, analyzing and bringing to market new businesses and new products, business-development focuses on implementation of the strategic business plan, technology, products, and establishment of strategic partnerships where appropriate.
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